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About us

Al-Zahra Foundation is a philanthropy charity which was established in 2004. By the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT) and joint efforts of like minded individuals, on the 28th December 2007 Al-Zahra Foundation became registered charity body under the law of United Kingdom.
Dr Muhammad Al Asadi, Br Raja Ghulam Abbas , Br Asrar Shabbiri and Dr Latif Imran Jalil were the founding trustees.
The foundation has been working for the education and social activities of the local community through lectures, seminars, workshops, outdoor activities and conferences. Al-Zahra Foundation has also been active in taking part in the charity work locally and abroad. Scholars both local and from overseas give regular lectures including intra-faith discussions.

Role of the Foundation

  • Encourage, promote and nurture our communities to become more philanthropists in order to alleviate human suffering throughout the world
  • Promote and encourage innovative intra-faith and inter-faith relationships at local and national levels
  • Provide support on issues like affecting Islamic Shia Ithna-Asheri communities
  • Establish and/or support Islamic Institutes of higher learning that can respond to the needs of our communities.
  • The foundation represents various nationals, including from United Kingdom, EU, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, Kuwait, Africa, Afro-Caribbeans, Malaysia and Afghanistan
  • Our doors are open to all irrespective of individual belief and we always encourage people to come forward and seek actual Islamic Learning

Prepare for a journey and do good deeds with what you have been blessed, for what lies in front is difficult road full of obstacles and frightening junctions from which there is no escape.

Ali ibn Abi Talib (A.S)

Local Participation

– Member of Nottingham Council of Mosques

– Member of Nottingham Inter-Faith Council

– Member of Nottingham Faith Leaders Association

– Member of Nottingham Safety Community Forum

– Member of Lenton and Dunkirk Forum

– Member of Nottingham Citizens

– Member of SaSh Salaam Sholam Cafe (Food for the needy)

– Part of Nottingham Police Prevent Group

– UK Commission on Islam, Participation and Public Life

– Food Drive , in collaboration with another local Charity Himmah

– Food Distribution amongst homeless people in Nottingham

International Work 

– Al Zahra Foundation helped to establish Al- Mustafa School in Islamabad, Pakistan. This was set up for orphans following disastrous Earthquake in Pakistan.
– Iraq Appeal (provided financial aid to the needy)
– Participated in Life box appeal to send life essential equipment to Pakistan after the Pakistan floods
– Haiti Earthquake Appeal (provided Financial aid)