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Al-Zahra Foundation Executive Board is set up to cater to the various needs of the community and comprises various boards.



The Education Board looks after the educational needs of the children, young and adults according to the teachings of Prophet SAW and his pure progeny Ahlulbait(A.S). The Education Board’s main aim is to develop generations of dynamic, productive, and effective community members, who are knowledgeable and confident in both theological and practical aspects of the religion. The Education Board is responsible for organizing and managing Stars Academy which caters for weekend classes for children between the ages of 5-17 years. The education board is responsible for various activities some of which are as follows Holding weekly Madrasah classes (Stars Academy)

  • Organising shahadat and wiladat programs for children
  • Organising Muharram and Ramadan workshops specifically designed for children
  • Organising indoors and outdoors fun activities for children and parents


The events board is responsible for organising different events and programs throughout the year. Our community has members belonging to different parts of the world, speaking different languages. Our regular programs are conducted in English, Urdu, Arabic, and Persian languages. Our main programs are combined but we have separate ladies’ events as well. Lectures are delivered by our resident A’Alim and authentic guest speakers. The aim of programs is to have a coherent community. Some of the events are listed below:

  • Dua-e-Tawassul on Tuesdays, Dua-e–Kumail on Thursdays
  • Regular Friday prayers
  • Regular Wiladat and Shahadat programs
  • Weekly Persian Quran classes
  • Daily lectures, Dua, and Quran recitation in Ramadan. Arrangement of daily Iftar
  • Fortnightly online ladies Dars e Quran
  • Lectures on Islamic principles and ideology to nurture our community and help them to become a responsible citizen


Youth is our main focus. We arrange programs to engage youth and to increase their understanding of religion. Some of the events arranged for youth include:

  • Competition of Quran recitations
  • Kahoot Quizzes
  • Coaching classes for Noha and Manqabat recitations
  • Weekly badminton sessions
  • Indoor and outdoor sports/recreational activities
  • Lectures and programs on topics of particular interest for youth


The Finance Board is responsible for managing day-to-day expenditures, collection of money, and generation of funds. Campaigns are launched for funds generation. Anyone who would like to donate or would want to know about accounts can visit our website or contact Br Nisar Hussain.


This media and public relations board is responsible for media and interaction with the community. We have our YouTube channel, facebook page and we are on Instagram too. Our programs are live on Zoom and also some are live on YouTube. We have separate men and ladies WhatsApp community groups. We reach out to the community for their feedback and to engage them.