Assalamu Alaikum,

Alhamdulilah, AZF community has managed to raise over £6000 so far and has been featured on local news due to the work being carried out.

Please continue to donate what you can using the link below:




Lots of duas for acceptance of all your good deeds and increase in sustenance.

Al Zahra Foundation

Al-Zahra Foundation Nottingham (AZF) Pakistan flood emergency relief fund

بسمه تعالى
“And do co-operate in good deeds and piety” – The Holy Quran

As all of the Momineen are aware, currently in Pakistan there is an ongoing flood disaster.
Heavy torrential rains are causing the country to see heavy floods leading to damage to infrastructure and more importantly, restricting the access of basic human needs.

Many areas are suffering, & our shia communities of Pakistan in particular. It’s come to a state where people no longer have a roof over their heads or sufficient food.

Al-Zahra Foundation Nottingham (AZF) announces an emergency relief fund in response to this disaster, *. regards.
His Eminence Sayed Ali Sistani (h) has issued an ijaza for general utilisation of 2/3 of Sehm Imam, Sayed Khamenei has allowed 50% and Agha Bashir Najafi has allowed 100% (for 2 months from now). We urge the entire community to participate so we can help those suffering communities.

Please do not delay & donate generously to the following account with reference of “flood appeal “

Al Zahra Foundation Nottingham UK
Account No: 00306604
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Lloyds bank


Reference: Flood Appeal

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