Islamic Community Centre & Hussainiya

Ramadan 2024
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Prayer Times

May 24, 2024
Fajr3:05 am
Sunrise4:56 am
Jumuah1:01 pm
Asr5:15 pm
Maghrib9:31 pm
Isha10:51 pm
Daily Programme
  • Quran Recitation
  • Lecture by Molaana Ghulam Hurr Shabbiri
  • Maghribain Salat
  • Iftar & Dinner
  • Dua Iftitah


The Ramadan programme takes place live and in-person with Iftar served every day. This can only continue with your generous donations. Please consider donating or sponsoring an iftar today.

Donate Zakat al-Fitr (Fitrana)

Zakat al-Fitr (fitrana) is an obligatory donation made by every member of a household before Eid salah.

Missed your fasts?

Fidyah is an obligatory donation that must be made when a fast is missed through necessity. Kaffarah provides an opportunity to recompense for individuals who deliberately miss or break fast during ramadhan without valid reason.

Fitrah – £7 per person

Fidyah – £2 per fast

Kaffarah – £120 per fast per person

Sponsor Iftar

Help us arrange Iftar meals for all attendees of the Al-Zahra Foundation by sponsoring it fully or partially. Please donate generously and support us in our efforts to serve the community during this holy month of Ramadan.

Give charity even with a small amount because indeed all that is intended for the sake of Allah; although it may be small it becomes great after having an honest intention.

– Imam Ridha  (A.S)